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What Is Dental Emergency?

The COVID19 pandemic is affecting all of North America in patches.

The American Dental Association acknowledges the fluidity of the situation and delegates the decision to close the dental offices to the governments of the individual states and the National Dental Associations, limiting the activity to the treatment of emergencies.

However ADA has recently issued a precise clarifying document that defines what is meant by dental emergencies. The guide serves to address dentists, who, the note specifies, are the only ones who know exactly the patient’s clinical needs and are therefore able to make the best choice.

ADA distinguishes Dental Emergencies into three classes:

Dental Emergencies tout court, are the three situations that can jeopardize the patient’s life:

Urgent dental care: these are new clinical situations that require the immediate attention of the dentist to relieve intense pain, the risk of infection and to reduce access to hospital emergency departments, minimally invasive treatments are recommended:

Other urgent dental care are clinical situations that require intervention:

Instead, they are: Routine Dental Procedures:

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