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What Is All on 4 Dental Implant?

The English term All-on-4 means “all on 4 implants”. It is a 12-tooth fixed dental prosthesis made to restore or replace a complete jawbone and which is placed on 4 implants. This technique allows you to replace a completely edentulous jaw without having to place a dental implant for each tooth replaced. This is a good solution for making a denture, if the bone quality allows it. This technique, like that of All-on-6, allows the patient to come out during the day, if all goes well, with their new teeth.

To understand what All-On-4 dental implantation is, you must first know what an implant is.

A dental implant is a small screw, usually made of titanium, inserted into your jawbone in the space left by a missing tooth.

Once the implant is placed in your mouth, your dentist fixes a false tooth: the dental crown, to the screw. This helps replace a lost tooth.

Now multiply that technique by four and you get the All-On-4 (or All-on-four or AO4) dental implantation except instead of using one implant for each missing tooth you can just use four implants. at the top and four at the bottom as the main anchors.

Then our dentist can attach a full jaw prosthesis to these 4 implants. The All-on-4 technique therefore makes it possible to replace all the teeth in a jaw with 4 implants instead of placing one implant for each tooth, which represents a great saving. The translation of All-on-four is therefore: all in four.

We highly encourage you to get in touch with us in order to get the best information you need .
We highly encourage you to get in touch with us in order to get the best information you need .

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